Great Leadership requires an ability to look into your own self, develop self to the strength that only you can achieve and then there-after contribute or strengthen others and prepare them for the rigors of the dynamic environment.

• Personality Traits • Sharpening Memory Skills, Decision-Making, Negotiation and Problem-Solving • Sub and Super-Conscious Development of Mind

Personality Trait (1 day)

An understanding of Personality Traits becomes essential for the students in their journey towards imbibing a better Personality. Personality Traits are like values in an individual that need to be inculcated by each one of us for an effective individual proficiency.

Sharpening Memory Skills, Decision-Making, Negotiation, and Problem-Solving

The students in this section imbibe the techniques of how to imbibe razor sharp memory and put the same into practice. Also, the student gets in to a better decision making and does not always look back over the shoulder for guidance from his superiors. He understands the meaning of delegation of task, responsibility and the words like “accountability”. The student also undergoes the paces of Negotiation Skills and the art of Problem Solving. Making the right decisions can either make or cost the organization millions. They look at the problems, make decisions and negotiate outcomes internally as well as externally. The ability to look at situations from dynamic perspectives will make a difference in the ultimate business success. It includes the following: · Creative Problem Solving · Negotiation and decision making

Sub and Super-Conscious Mind Development

The process of understanding the concepts of the use of conscious mind as against the development of a positive sub-conscious mind is utmost essential for any individual. The students learn how to develop his/her subconscious mind for the control of events. The students undergo the meditation for self-development that goes a long way in the cleansing of the system which will lead them to the development of the super-conscious that will help them to have a better personality development and help them in all walks of life as an efficient Human Capital.

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